Ammolite Gemstone 

100% Canadian Ammolite

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Canadian Ammolite Gemstone

Picture yourself in another time, another place, another world. A time when dinosaurs roamed and giant crustaceans swam through an enormous inland sea. Imagine the spirit and life of these ancient creatures has been preserved, and that you can hold this in your hands, or wear it around your neck...

In the prairies of southern Alberta, near the banks of crystal clear rivers, the rare gemstone ammolite exists - its preservation still a mystery to science. Its beauty and iridescence seems to have captured the spirit of ancient life. It exhibits all the colours of the rainbow, each colour showcasing different spirits, different emotions, bringing prosperity and happiness to its owner.

Ammolite is a rare gemstone and was given official gemstone status by the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) in 1981. The source of our ammolite is the province of Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite Gemstone & Ammolite Jewelry

Ammolite has remained a relatively unknown gemstone due to its rarity. In addition, the growing global demand for the gemstone has made supply even more scarce. Ammolite gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world and is coveted due to its unique color spectrum, brilliance and rarity. Ammolite is used to make beautiful jewelry, as a healing stone, for its feng shui properties, and also complements any rare gemstone or crystal collection.

Some of ammolite's influence extends from traditional Chinese culture, medicine and martial arts, which are centered around harnessing the energy flow called Qi "chi". Chi energy is believed to be the life force of all living entities. Chi energy forms a central role in feng shui and in the balancing of these forces, spirits, and emotions. Ammolite gemstone is believed to emit chi energy, and many internationally buy ammolite due to its strong influence as a feng shui gem. 


At Chi Ammolite Canada, we provide 100% Canadian ammolite gemstone.

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