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Ammolite Gemstone & Jewelry

We take pride in providing clients with one of a kind, quality ammolite. Whether for jewelry, spirituality, feng shui, art display, investment value or more, our ammolite gemstones are 100% authentic and completely unique. Chi Ammolite Canada is the best partner for fine Canadian ammolite gemstone. 

Ammolite is coveted for its feng shui properties and is believed to enhance, emit and harness the life force energy called Qi "chi". Ammolite and chi energy are thought to bring prosperity, balanced health and happiness.

Our ammolite gemstones include free form natural cabochons which are ideal for making stunning necklace pendants and ammolite jewelry. We also specialize in center piece art displays, which we cut, polish and preserve to maximize the gemstone's brilliance, colour spectrum and display of energy. Add a piece of Chi Ammolite Canada to your home, collection or fashion today.

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