Ammolite Gemstone #35

Incredible ammolite display piece on natural shale matrix! Vivid green, red, orange, gold and blue in this unique concave specimen with complete sheet ammolite. This ammolite specimen would be ideal as a feng shui piece, art display or addition to any gemstone collection. This piece has pristine ammolite that extends virtually across the entire piece. As the piece is rotated/tilted, it exhibits excellent colour play and brilliance. This piece is approximately 6" x 3.0" x 2.0" thick.


The amazing colours of ammolite are caused by light interference between the thin layers of aragonite, the mineral ammolite is made of. The thickness of these aragonite layers influences the colour seen in each gemstone. Ammolite comes in any colour of the rainbow and its beauty and brilliance is unmatched. Ammolite is considered the rarest gemstone in the world, and all of our ammolite comes exclusively from Alberta, Canada. Add this piece of ammolite to your collection today!

Ammolite Gemstone #35


Shipping Rates:

$5.00 CAD within Canada

$10.00 CAD within USA

$15.00 CAD rest of world


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