Ammolite Gemstone #36

This ammolite display piece has dragonskin pattern ammolite with very vivid colours and is supported on natural shale matrix. Bright orange, red, yellow and green ammolite colours are seen in this piece. This unique ammolite display specimen is supported by the natural shale matrix (Bearpaw shale) it was preserved in. Ammolite pieces are incredibly unique and this one would be ideal for use in feng shui or art, mounted in a location to harness its wonderful energy and beauty. Because gemstone ammolite is only sourced from one location in Alberta, Canada, it also makes the perfect addition to any rare gemstone collection. This ammolite piece displays a vivid colour spectrum as the piece is rotated and tilted. The piece has been preserved exactly as discovered, complete with a protective resin coating. This piece is approximately 4" x 3.0" x 1.0" thick.

Ammolite Gemstone #36


Shipping Rates:

$5.00 CAD within Canada

$10.00 CAD within USA

$15.00 CAD rest of world


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